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Crossroads.  While the main focus of a Concussion Safety Program is to allow the athlete to recover and return to play if desired there are issues that, when present, may indicate a need to discuss whether returning to play is truly in the athlete’s best interest. There has been research that has indicated that athletes have an increased risk of further concussions once they have suffered an initial injury and some studies have shown that repeated concussions can have cumulative effects.  Other research has suggested that there may be genetic factors in some individuals that produce greater sensitivity to the effects of concussion in general.  Career-ending discussions are never entered into lightly and should include open conversations with all parties who are involved with the athlete. 

Some potential indicators that the athlete has developed greater vulnerability: 

  • Concussions are occurring more frequently
  • Concussions are occurring as the result of lesser impacts and forces
  • Longer recovery times are required with each subsequent injury
  • Greater interference with non-sports tasks, such as school, job performance, social function, interpersonal relationships, etc. 


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